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Apr 10, 2012 by n | Posted in Photography

Whats your favourite old camera and new camera and why?

My favorite old camera is a Minolta-16 MG. It is a sub miniature camera that uses 16mm film. It has the "spy camera" look to it and tends to make people inquire about it. My favorite "new" camera is a Canon 1D, because it can do everything I need it to do.

| Apr 10, 2012
Steven R | Apr 10, 2012
I first got the bug for photography around 1970, with a Halina camera that took 126 cartridges (ask your dad/grandad what 126 film was!! LOL!!), and although my pictures would be at best poorly composed and extremely amateurish, it sparked a youthful enthusiasm for photography, so I'd have to say that the Halina is my favourite "old" camera. Last August, on holiday in Thailand with the wife, my Pentax iST died, and after a decent funeral and a period of mourning, I bought myself a Pentax Kr, which I'm still coming to grips with. In between the Halina and the Kr, I've owned a variety of Pentax cameras and lenses. Apart from the fact that I have several compatible lenses for the Kr, the reason why this is my favourite "new" camera is that it is my first foray into digital SLR, and it's a new learning curve for me, having learned quite a bit through ownership of a few 35mm SLR's. I'm no expert, but I feel confident with a camera in my hand, and more importantly, held up to my eye.
Kay | Apr 10, 2012
My favorite old camera is my Minolta x700 SLR. It's almost 30 years old and still works as well as the day it was bought. I don't use film much anymore but the quality of the photos and the nostalgia of film are why I will never part with it. My favorite new camera thus far is my Sony A200. Very basic DSLR, not many bells and whistles but that's exactly what I was looking for. Plus it's not the body of the camera that matters as much as the lenses used, in my opinion.
mister-damus | Apr 10, 2012
AE-1 Program. Because I find it easy to use.
david f | Apr 10, 2012
Favourite old camera: Pentax LX. Why: simple, fully mechanical, built to last, robust, will withstand bad weather, can use it instinctively. Favourite new camera: I don't own a new camera.
Яizzles | Apr 10, 2012
The Krasnogorsk-3. It's an old Soviet windup 16mm movie camera. I really want one. The only battery in it is used to power the light meter, and they don't even make that battery anymore.
elle | Apr 14, 2012
Old- Well it's not that old, but the Diana F+ in CMYK because I love the color of the actual camera and the colors it produces. Also I like the size of the photo and the soft focus. New- I like the new Diana lens LOL. because i can put it on my DSLR and it's just like the film Diana F+ camera. except differences in seize. but i still like it.
Apr 09, 2008 by peytonjenn | Posted in Photography

Does anyone know where to find or buy 16mm film for a camera? Its for a 1959 Yashica Y16 Spy Camera?

The film is designed ot be loaded into a cassette or magazine. I should mention that the film is for a photo camera and not a movie camera. It is designed to fit into a small cassette or magazine in the camera.

The Y-16 was basically a failure and replaced by another sub-mini designed to work with the Minolta Cassette. Alas, that format is also dead. The Y-16 cassette clipped into the camera and could be removed mid-roll only losing one exposure. The clips are rare, when you find one they are expensive, and difficult to reload with film. I am unaware of anyone currently providing loaded (or unloaded) clips. Because 16mm film is usually sold in 100 ft. lengths, most people who use the Minolta cassettes simply buy a device to cut a 16mm strip out of a roll of 35mm film. These devicess are commercially available from a variety of sources. This is all done in total darkness. You also have to open the film clip (that is what Yashica called it) without damaging it and load the film in total darkness. Furthermore, because of the rarity of the clips you would either need to extract the film yourself, pack it in a light tight container and ship it to a processor or process it yourself. Not to be discouraging, but if the sub-miniature camera world is pretty complicated unless you use a Minox. Good luck. I've included a link to sub-mini information. It has a section about the Y-16.

John T | Apr 09, 2008
Bournemouth Photographer | Apr 09, 2008
This website here sells 16mm film - It's based in the UK, but I'm sure it will ship international orders if your abroad. Direct link to 16mm page - ogue/Kodak_16_mm_Film.html
hello there | Apr 09, 2008 ;q=16mm+film or ilm&hl=en

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