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304 pages

Antique Trader Cameras and Photographica Price Guide

Creator: Kyle Husfloen | Antiques & Collectibles - 2011-02-28

266 “Le Minimus” multiple stereoscope, for Kodak “Kodaslide”Stereo Viewer II Kodak “Kodaslide” Stereo Viewer II, mint condition in original box, ca. 1950s 45x107mm glass slides, w/10 glass slides, France, ca. 1907, excellent condition, 5 x 5" ...

Publisher: Krause Publications

About this book
Antique camera and photographica collectors and enthusiasts will delight in this well researched, easy-to-follow reference. In the constantly fluctuating and sometimes confusing market of camera collectibles, this book provides an easy-to-understand exploration of the hobby, including the most rare and highly collectible cameras, stereoscopes, magic lanterns and slides, Daguerreotypes, tinytypes, cabinet-size images, stereo view cards and much more. Over 2,000 listings include production details on style, model, material, special markings, and current pricing. Readers will easily identify collectibles with hundreds of photographs, and a 16-page section of vivid color photos provides a glimpse of the most rare and collectible antique cameras and photographica on the market. This definitive reference is a rare find in the small section of books on these fascinating collectibles!

569 pages

The Ebay Price Guide, What Sells for What (in Every Category!)

Creator: Julia L. Wilkinson | 2006-09-30

Publisher: No Starch Pr

About this book
Every eBayer knows that setting prices and deciding how much to bid is a delicate art. While there are many guides to pricing for specific collectibles and the like, this is the first reference to help you determine how much to bid or how much to pay on eBay for a wide array of items. The eBay Price Guide is filled with exhaustive lists of selling prices for items ranging from rare books and sports memorabilia to computer parts and video games, covering nearly every eBay niche and the most popular subcategories. Introductions to each category offer helpful tips and advice that you'll find invaluable on their own. But not only that, the version of the DeepAnalysis software included on the CD-ROM will have you sifting through even more pricing data from a vast amount of eBay auctions so that you can better evaluate the eBay market, predict how various items will sell, and find out where the deals are. You'll learn that you can sell Abbot & Costello's Frankenstein on 16 mm film or a hospital bottle from the Civil War for just over $700, but for about a buck you can get an amber glass medicine jar or The Bride of Frankenstein on 8 mm film. If you're an eBay seller, The eBay Price Guide will help you to anticipate how much an item will sell for. If you're a buyer, you be able to see at a glance which categories tend to be overpriced, where to find the best bargains, and how to bid so that you're more likely to get what you want. Whether you're selling cell phones, a pair of used Levi's, or grandma's ancient (and dusty) vase, you'll find this book and software kit indispensable in your quest to set or get the right price on eBay. The companion CD contains a demo version of HammerTap's DeepAnalysis auction research software, which sorts through licensed eBay data and statistics for all eBay market sectors to reveal market trends so sellers can develop strategies for success. The CD also includes The eBay Appetizer, an eBooklet that describes how to get started on eBay, as well as The Seller's Guide and The Auction Accelerator, with lessons from a seasoned Internet business coach. Users will receive 20 percent off their first three months' subscription to DeepAnalysis as well.

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Photography - 1990

SELL OR TDAlSc IT UCDC For Sale STEREO VIEWER LENSES - Two wedge- shaped lenses, each molded and ... Antique/Mod/X Styles in Black or Grey $37/ 100 ppd. ... Camera attachment, viewfinder offset bracket, projection lens, & photocopy of instructions, Exc.+, $195: Kodaslide Stereo Viewer II, AC/DC, Kodak logo ...

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