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VERASCOPE RICHARD The perfect stereo camera It is made with universal focus in 45x107mm. size or in a focusing model in 7x13 cm. size. Prices on Request GLYPHOSCOPE An inexpensive stereo camera which gives splendid results.

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Photography - 1953

HERBERT C. McKAY, stereo authority and author of this article, is shown with stereo movie camera he built. ... Before he rises, carefully measure the distance from the camera to the center of the smoke cloud. (You can ... STEREO EQUIPMENT Stereo cameras are readily available in several models, all using the standard 35mm film magazine. There are also cameras to be picked up now and then in the older and larger sizes which include 45x107mm, 6x13cm, and 3x3 inch. There are ...

32 pages

Optical Toys

Creator: Basil Harley | 1988

Publisher: Hyperion Books

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Stereopsis Accommodation of the eye Overlapping of one object by another Subtended visual angle of an object of known size Linear perspective (convergence of parallel ...

Reference Revised - Craig Camera
#90408. Adlake Cameras, 1899 32pp, fully illustrated; approximately 7x5". The Adlake company in Chicago offered a variety of magazine plate camera models, as well as ...


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