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Sep 13, 2010 by | Posted in Cameras

how much is my vintage foldex 30 camera worth.?

i have a vintage foldex 30 camera that my grandfather used in the war. i need some money but i can hardly fined any info on it. and i cant find any beingd sold. the foldex 20 is bieng sold anywhere from 50 to 300 bucks so i figure the foldex 30 is much more costly. i hope so. can anybody know anything about the value of my mint condition foldex 30.

It's worth about $25. I'm curious where you found Foldex 20's being sold for $50-$300. The ended auctions at eBay show them being worth $10-$20. True, some people on eBay are asking for $200 for one, but nobody's buying at those prices. As you say, the Foldex 30 is less common. Not that rare automatically translates to valuable, but still. Here's what I found: "A Foldex 30 is basically a Foldex 20 with a Vario shutter and a (focusable) Cassar" ( .php/t-59801.html ). These features are clearly improvements, but it remains a basic camera. The Rolls Royce camera in this segment (1950s 6x9 folders) is the Zeiss Super Ikonta C. When fully restored and in good cosmetic condition, that camera is worth roughly $600. It has a superb construction quality with an amazingly sharp Tessar lens, a coupled rangefinder, a full range of shutter speeds and aperture stops... It has everything going for it. What you have is a Volkswagen that needs to be serviced. Servicing because after sitting in a drawer for decades you probably have light leaks in the bellows, a sticky shutter, possibly the lens needs realigning, etc. I'm sorry to dash your hopes, but it is not a collector's item. P.S. The value of a camera does not go up if it was used in a war. If your grandfather was a big time celebrity, maybe.

OMG, I ♥ PONIES!!1 | Sep 13, 2010
Aeliana Aeliana | Sep 13, 2010
usually these would be cheap but scince your granfather used it in the war thee value would go up old cameras are usually 10$ it is strange that they are at that high of the price but go to creigslist and check out there prices if there is any. hope this helped you!
Aug 27, 2009 by Victoria | Posted in Cameras

Old style camera but can't find info! help please?

I have an Foldex 20. from the 1950. That's all i manged to find out about it! its stupid! i want more info because i wanna do my family history based on this camera because it was handed down from my father from his and so on! Can you help me? oldex_20.htm Google can be your friend if you let it.

JesusZoidberg Saves | Aug 27, 2009

Foldex 20 - Bookshelf

480 pages

The Roman Remains of Northern and Eastern France, A Guidebook

Creator: James Bromwich | Architecture - 2013-04-15

Along Rue Deshay, turn right — round the fort — into Rue G. Clemenceau (Blay- Foldex Lyon, I-20). At a block of flats in the Chemin du Fort (no. 63), two pillars have been used in the walling. St Irénée. Blay-Foldex Lyon J-18. Descending the  ...

Publisher: Routledge

About this book
This book provides a thorough, area by area companion to the region's wealth of monuments, excavations and artefacts, from Paris and Boulogne-sur-Mer to Strasbourg and Lyon. Over ninety sites are treated in detail, including major attractions such as the parc archéologique in Lyon and the amphitheatre at Autun, numerous local museums and secluded rural excavations.The guidebook combines a scholarly assessment of the area's Roman heritage, examining and interpreting the surviving remains, with practical visitor information such as directions to sites and opening hours. Comprehensively illustrated with photographs, maps and plans, it is a unique resource both for academic study and for visitors interested in the region's archaeological and historical background.

Chilton's Jewelers' Circular/keystone 1970 Jewelers' Directory Issue

Antiques & Collectibles - 1952

Pho-Tak Releases Foldex '20' Camera The Pho-Tak Corp., Chicago, 111., recently released their new Foldex "20" camera and flash kit for national distribution. The company is offering dealers a colorful counter and window display, which ...

Travel and Camera

Photography - 1953

PHO-TAK EAQLE EYE Rollfilm 120, 8 exposures, 2' ,x 3% i 110mm Zellar lens; Pho- Tak shutter with I & T settings; plunger-type release ; eye-level finder; safety lock on back; fixed focus. Price i $5.95. PHO-TAK FOLDEX-20 Rollfilm 120 ...

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Foldex 20 Camera | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ...
Find great deals on eBay for Foldex 20 Camera in Vintage Folding Cameras. Shop with confidence.

foldex 20 camera | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ...
Find great deals on eBay for foldex 20 camera and foldex camera. Shop with confidence.

The "Foldex 20" by Pho-Tak - BBL
The "Foldex 20" by Pho-Tak: I have a thing for Pho-Tak cameras. They're all built like battleships and this folder is no exception. This particular model was made ...

Zoom Sur - Blay Foldex - Cartes - Plans - Guides
Anglais (D'), 10 Minutes - Niveau Intermédiaire - 1 Livre+ Cd Reliure brochée Format : 20,4 x 25,5 cm Prix public : 13,15 € Date de parution : Septembre 2012

Nos Produits - Blay Foldex - Cartes - Plans - Guides
Paris Monuments And Museums (English Version) Echelle : 1/20 000 Format : 10,0 x 22,5 cm Editeur : BERLITZ Prix public : 5,60 € Gencod : 9782400500113


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